At Manotick Concrete we are constantly researching new methods, materials and products to ensure that you have access to as many leading edge options as possible. Listed below are a variety of products designed to enhance your foundation's:  energy efficiency, livability and aesthetic appeal. Please contact our office about adding any one of these products to your quote.


Styrorail is a paneled solid insulation that is installed inside the concrete forms before the foundation is poured thus eliminating air pockets in between the wall and insulation.  Styrorail manages basement wall moisture,  promotes healthy air by discouraging mildew and increases energy efficiency (reducing heating and air conditioning costs by up to 1/3 when compared with traditional insulation).  For more information on Styrorail please visit the manufacturer website. 


Platon and DMX are high density,  rigid polyethylene membranes.  Applied to the exterior walls of a foundation, Platon and DMX repel water and soil moisture while their  "dimpled" air pocket design ensures that any water penetration falls easily and harmlessly to the footings drain. The recommended damproofing for most projects, Platon and/or DMX are usually included in most foundation quotes. 


Coloured textured concrete can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of both interior and exterior slabs, porches, patios and floors. Interstar™ colours are pure iron oxide pigments designed to be used specifically in integral colouring of cementitious materials. Please see the colour chart.


Formtech pour-in-place basement windows are  available in a variety of sizes.  Low -e argon and Energy Star certified Formtech windows make an attractive and efficient addition to any foundation.